Linzhi Phoenix 2600MH/s


We are proud to present you with the latest and most powerful Ethash ASIC miner on the market. After 2-year development, we have finally reached the point of publicly offering the Linzhi Phoenix. Its state-of-the-art architecture will bring you the most profitable performance on the market. The eth ASIC miner can reach a hashrate of more than 2600MH/s at only 3000W per hour power consumption. A detailed specification of the ethereum ASIC miner is presented below.


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Hashrate: 2600MH/s+
Power consumption: 3000W
Noise level: 80db
Each Linzhi Phoenix ASIC miner contains two Linzhi E1400 hashing boards, which have the following technical features:
– Each board uses 64 computing units (chips), each of which controls 72 mixers with a 2.8 Tb / s exchange rate with decentralized memory (1 MB in one cell)
8GB VRAM (This is the upgraded memory model which allows you to process the DAG file).
– Memory subsystem bandwidth – 177 Tb / s per board.
– Each memory mixer operates at a peak speed of 38.4Gb / s.
– Each memory chip operates at an operating frequency of 600 MHz, using 2 cycles to access data.
– When working with memory, 1024-bit addressing is used.
– To power the Phoenix ASIC, you need to use two 12-volt power supplies with a capacity of at least 1800 watts each.
– For cooling, two powerful fans are used, installed on the front of the ASIC case.
– The back wall of the miner includes a gigabit Ethernet port; an SD card slot; two connectors for connecting additional cooling equipment.

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